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  • 2021-22, Giardini di risonanzaflute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and vibraphone.

  • 2022, Dissolto, for 2 saxophones. (Edizioni Sconfinarte)

  • 2022, Inoltre, for 4 ukulele.

  • 2021-22, Simmetrie rifratte, for flute and clarinet.

  • 2021, Primo duo chirale, for baritone saxophone and piano.

  • 2021, Dentro i simulacri, for el. guitar, accordion, theorbo and electronics.

  • 2020-21, Dalla creta, for soprano, flute, alto saxophone, vibraphone/suspended cymbal and piano.

  • 2020-21, Alveari d'ombra, for flute, soprano saxophone, trombone, violin, cello and cimbalom.

  • 2020, Oltre il riverbero delle candele, for string quartet.

  • 2020, Quisquilia III, for piccolo, viola and harp.

  • 2020, Vermi, for flute/alto flute, alto saxophone, percussions, piano and electronics.

  • 2019-20, Dal gesto, for wind quintet.

  • 2018, Aspro sommerso, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and electronics.



  • 2022, Reciso(WFS, Higher Order Ambisonics, Multichannel [16ch, 8ch, 6ch, 4ch] Stereo for sound diffusion).

  • 2020-21, Frantumi. (Quadraphonic, Stereo for sound diffusion)

  • 2020, Vitreo. (Quadraphonic, Stereo for sound diffusion)

  • 2018, Genesi astratta. (WFS, Higher Order Ambisonics, Multichannel [8ch, 6ch, 4ch] Stereo for sound diffusion).

  • 2017, Cenere. (Stereo for sound diffusion).

  • 2017, Dehors. (Stereo for sound diffusion).

  • 2017, Popolazione XIV. (Stereo for sound diffusion).

  • 2017, Tiktaalik. (Stereo for sound diffusion).

  • 2016, Nascita del Non-Io. (Stereo for sound diffusion).



Works in progress

  • Fractures, for orchestra.

  • Agenor Linea, for ensemble.

  • New piece for vibraphone, Modulable Strings Reverberation System and electronics. With Alberto Anhaus.

  • New piece for guitar and electronics. With Pierpaolo Dinapoli.

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