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for euphonium and electronics.

year: 2022

duration: 6'30'' ca.

première: 28 June 2022, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma (ITA), performed by Marina Boselli.

dedicated to Marina Boselli.

program notes:

The composition is the result of a research done with Marina Boselli, to whom the composition is dedicated.
Electronics influenced the work at the beginning of its conception, indeed some possibilities typical of the electroacoustic elaboration were researched in the instrumental sound of the euphonium, such as granulation, pitch shifter or distortion. With these methods, live electronics have been effectively implemented.
The composition is divided in four-part, but is presented as a single evolving stream. Each section presents a characteristic musical element, with which a sound enviroment is built. In each section an extraneous element will always be grafted, which will tend to saturate the section, so much so as to become the protagonist of the next part.
However, the euphonium and electronics appear as a single organism, with which they describe changes in form and sound evolutions.

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