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Alveari d'ombra

for flute, soprano saxophone, trombone, violin, cello and cimbalom.

year: 2020-21

duration: 11'40'' ca.

première: 11 July 2021, Matera (ITA), performed by Concavo & Convesso .

commissioned by Concavo & Convesso.

program notes:

The composition was inspired by the text "La ballata della vucchiara, ovvero tutto il miele è finito!" by Raffaele Giura Longo. The whole composition has within it references to the Lucanian tradition, a region of South Italy. Echoes of this tradition are still present today in the popular colture of this region, albeit overshadowed by a progressive and inevitable change and sometimes by a vaguely desperate commodification. Yet the deepest tradition is not dead, it fills, like a shadow of a distant memory, these beehives which have been plundered over the years of their precious honey. My visceral roots lie in this tradition, which I always carry with me.

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