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live electronics set.

first performance: Phenotypes #0, Signal to noise 3.0. Pergine (ITA).

Program notes:

"Phenotypes" is an exploration of "sound phenotypes," where sound transforms into a reflection of the multiple facets of acoustic identity. Phenotypes, central in the field of biological evolution, find a new expression here in an acousmatic context, revealing subtle connections between human experience and the sonic environment and manifesting as tangible signs of evolution and change.

Through sonic layering, "Phenotypes" explores the evolution of sounds akin to the changing of physical traits. Like a phenotype emerging from genetic interactions, sounds come to life, evolve, and transform.

The balance between continuity and variation reveals itself subtly yet powerfully. The sonic experience unfolds like a narrative, where each sound carries the echo of its predecessors and the anticipation of what will follow.

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