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Oltre il riverbero delle candele

for string quartet.

year: 2020

duration: 7'30'' c.a.

premiered by Quartetto Prometeo, 31 Jul. 2020, Accademia Chigiana (Siena, Italy)

program notes

This composition comes from an image aroused by the words of Andrea Zanzotto's poem “Polvere” from Dietro il paesaggio.

In particular, these are the verses that evoked the image:

Oltre il vento le fanciulle pensano / Beyond the wind the girls think

alla pioggia che non fu mai, / to the rain that never was,

pesa negli occhi delle fanciulle / weighs in the eyes of the girls

il riverbero delle candele. / the reverb of candles.

Throughout the composition there is a melody, which emerges only in some points where it becomes truly perceptible; for the rest of the piece the melody acts as base material, but it is difficult to listen it, as if it were hidden behind a blanket or perhaps behind the faint soft glow of candles.

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