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for violin and string orchestra

year: 2021

duration: 10'00'' ca.

published by Sconfinarte.

première: 14 Apr. 2021, San Vito Musica Contemporanea, San Vito al Tagliamento (ITA), performed by Francesco D'Orazio e Orchestra d'archi Arrigoni.

dedicated to Francesco D'Orazio.

program notes

“Acquaforte” is the italian word for “etching”.

Etching is a chalcographic technique with which a metal plate is engraved and then immersed in an acid, which will be used as a mold. In my composition, the solo violin has precisely an "engraving" function, we could say a role of trigger towards the string orchestra, the latter in fact always plays in reaction to the solo violin, filling the grooves caused by its mordant.

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