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Popolazione XIV


year: 2017

duration: 11'46''

première: 13 Nov. 2017, OUA-EMF2017, Osaka (JAP).

program notes:

Popolazione XIV is an electro-acoustic piece that I composed starting from the concepts of genetic evolution and natural selection. My main objective in the composition was to characterize this piece in an evolving structure, which wants to simulate the genetic progress of different populations in a given environment.

The structure of the piece was constructed following the principle of the genetic algorithm, which allows to evaluate starting solutions to create new ones, recombining the initial factors and introducing new pseudo-casual elements. The goal of the genetic algorithm is to reach optimal solutions depending on the system set.

We can therefore say that this algorithm mathematically simulates the natural selection system and it is with this simulation that I wanted to set the sound evolution of the piece.

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