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Simmetrie rifratte

for flute and clarinet.

year: 2022

duration: 05'00'' ca.

première: 08 June 2022, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma (ITA), performed by Antonio Troncone e Francesco Filisdeo. 

program notes:

The title refers to the form of the piece and the compositional technique adopted. Starting from homorhythmic situations, the lines played by the two instruments will undergo delays in the course of the composition, which will tend to distort the perception.

The overall structure is built on a progressive increase of this sensation of refraction of the sound material, a process within which percussive elements are placed, which follow a distinct and parallel evolution.

The last part of the piece initially tends to freeze the material, and then comes alive again at the end, in which the idea of ​​refraction is transformed with delay.

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