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for flute/alto flute, alto saxophone, percussions, piano and electronics.

year: 2020

duration: 6'40'' c.a.

première: 26 June 2021, Delian Academy for new music, Mykonos (GRE), performed by Proxima Centauri.

dedicated to the ensemble Proxima Centauri.

program notes:

Vermi is a composition structured as a spontaneous birth and subsequent evolution of musical material. The listener is led into this evolutionary story through the characterization of specific musical figures, which change over time, with their precise identity. The figures born from a primordial sound magma, and then become more and more connoted, laboriously conquering space in the listener's perception.

“…all was a chaos, that is, earth, air, water and fire were all mixed together; and out of that bulk a mass was formed, just as cheese is made out of milk, and worms appeared in it, and these were the angels... “ (statement made in 1584 by Domenico Scandella, an italian miller, during an inquisitorial question).

Vermi, page 7
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