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Aspro sommerso

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and electronics.

year: 2018

duration: 6'35'' c.a.

première: 11 Sept. 2018, Parma (ITA), performed by Ensemble Taller Sonoro.

dedicated to Ensemble Taller Sonoro.

program notes:

This composition starts from a research concerning the cross-modal interactions between different senses; my intention is to investigate the perception to be able to model the sound with perceptual characteristics typical of other senses. I’m interested in exploring the concept of synaesthesia.

I am convinced that in order to achieve this result, it is necessary to work on the sound structure.

“Aspro sommerso” means “Underwater Sour”, the title already makes it clear that I wanted to model the sound with characteristics deriving from the sense of touch and taste. The structure is constructed in such a way that the tactile sensation characterizes the figure in the foreground, while the gustatory sensation appears on the background of the piece.

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