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Genesi astratta


year: 2018

duration: 9'08''

première: 7 Nov. 2018, Electroacoustic Music Internetional Exibition MUSLAB, Madrid (ESP).

program notes:

This piece was composed imagining the neural path of an event. The information is initially perceived by the receptor organs and elaborated in a first neural stage. Subsequently the event is compared with the memory, in order to obtain an elaboration of the information coherent with the personal life experience. The brain data becomes more and more abstract and create the meaning of the information, shaping our thoughts, our impressions. In this way we create ourselves through an abstract genesis. The sound events in the composition are always related to the previous sounds and have been developed following an evolutionary process. The spatialization has been treated as a projection of the internal sound space, paying particular attention to the distribution of the spectrum, which aims at a sound perception in an increasingly intimate environment.

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