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Agenor Linea

for ensemble.

year: 2023

duration: 08'30'' ca.

première: 05 Oct. 2023, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma (ITA), performed by Ensemble '900, conducted by Pasquale Corrado.

program notes:

The title "Agenor Linea" is connected to the intriguing geological formation on Europa, Jupiter's moon, where chaotic surface features converge into more orderly lines. This title provides a conceptual reference for the composition, which employs methods of statistical distribution and logistic functions to shape its structure and the evolution of the sonic material.

The use of these nonlinear methodologies reflects an attention to how human perception and understanding operate. "Agenor Linea" aims to convey this balance between order and chaos, seeking a fluid and evolving sonic environment where structures emerge and transform. The composition itself reflects this duality between order and chaos, particularly highlighted by moments characterized by strong acoustic contrasts.

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